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Junior Tour 10 & 11 June 2017

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PMCC – This is how we roll

We are Port Macquarie Cycle Club. We are young, we are old; we are fast, we are not so fast; we race, we watch and we chip in. Whatever we do we give it our all, and we do it because we love it. This is how we roll – join us.



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Visitors are always welcome in Port Macquarie and you should feel free to join the local group rides or the PMCC club races. Check out our racing calendar for details of upcoming events and please bring your current Race Licence and preferably your club jersey  if you want to race.

Our training rides vary to meet our training needs, the local road conditions and the weather. We have some favourites and you can check them out and download the route on our Local Rides Page.

If you are visiting and want to ride with a group check out our Strava Club Page to get the details of what’s happening next, say hi on FaceBook, or contact us.

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Caffeine & Local Bike Shops: After a morning ride we usually head to one of the local coffee shops.

Stirling Green Cafe, cnr Gillman Way and Sovereign Drive

Peloton Espresso Bar, 2/163 Gordon Street, next to Gordon Street Cycles

and diagonally opposite the “5 Star” start/finish point for many rides;

or there’s Ruins Cafe, Lake Innes (the roundabout here is an alternative start/finish point (5 minutes later).

TRS Cycle Centre, 23 Clarence Street

Graham Seers CycleryThe Marina, Park Street


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News Feed

Wow, how good was today? Pardon the swear word but it was a bloody bewdy! The sun was shining and no breeze = perfect conditions for riding a bike and even better for racing one.

Even with a few racing away, the combine was a huge success. Our MVCC friends brought up 18 racers, we had 21 and we even had a racer travel down from Coffs. A more impressive stat however was that we had a whopping 19 juniors enjoy some racing around our off road crit track with many of them travelling up from the Manning. Absolutely brilliant !!!!

Before I get into the race reports - a few thankyou's. Joan was at it again with rego, drinks, prizes, petrol for the gene, you name it, she did it. Simon A worked out the course and Simon B (who gave up his race spot) and Muzza ensured safe racing as Commissaires. We also had plenty of helpers out on the course, namely Ted, Mark, Gazza, Jimbo, Alisha & Rick. Without these people there would be no race reports, so a big thank you.

The course was a "hot dog" style that included the gentle rise (not) of "Sapling" in each lap, with each lap approx. 7.5k long. D Grade did 4 laps, C Grade 5 laps and B & A grade both did 6 laps.

D Grade:
7 riders took off and kept a steady pace until the first Sapling climb which busted up the group a bit. The main group worked well together under the guidance of the experienced Al, however they couldn't do anything about the early attack of Asher (our mate from Coffs) who rode away to a strong win.

C Grade:
It seems there was a bit of teamwork in this one. After copping a beating from MVCC 2 weeks ago on their turf, PMCC C Gr. was out to regain some pride against a large MVCC contingent. An early attack from Jules saw the main group thinned with MVCC riders left to respond. Lleyton attacked strongly and provided an opportunity for the young PMCC riders to show great teamwork and race strategy as they controlled the bunch. With MVCC riders having to respond to attacks, their numbers reduced allowing the PMCC riders to fill the podium. Special mention to Daffyd who ended up with a stick in his cassette on the final climb. The scene is set for a great follow up race in Manning Valley.

B Grade:
A field of 14 riders hit the course with Silas again into it early with his regular atacks which eventually saw him run out of omph towards the end. The peleton pretty much stuck together until the 4th time up Sapling when Simon A (for A Grade) gave it a crack and attacked. Craig was the only one that was able to go with him and these two eventually battled it out for top spot on the podium. The chase group had broken up a bit with some dropped but a core chase group did their best to ride the two breakaways down, but to no avail.

A Grade:
This was the smallest grade of the day with 4 racers. Smiley (Justin) worked hard all day either on the front or trying to hang on to the bunch until he eventually blew up on the last climb. The other three battled fiercely but couldn't crack the crossingham who rode to victory.

I think you'll all agree that what we are doing with these combines between us and our mates at MVCC, is building into something special. Keep supporting it as bigger numbers like we are getting equates to better racing - which is why we do it.

Trevor Dickson
VP Recreation
"Enjoy the Ride"

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Our juniors getting some words of wisdom today from Commissaire Muzza ...

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A Grade Podium 29 April 2017 - PMCC & MVCC combine. Missing from Podium Brandon Conway ...

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C Grade Podium 29 April 2017 - PMCC & MVCC combine ...

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D Grade Podium 29 April 2017 - PMCC & MVCC combine ...

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